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| nedjelja, 14. ožujka 2010.

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David (Omarion) and Elgin (Marques Houston) lead a promising streetdancing crew in Southern California, who participate in street dancing battles produced by a local club owner Mr.Rad (Steve Harvey). All is well, until Sonny, a member of their original crew, expresses dissatisfaction over the subordinate role the other members of the crew play.When David and Elgin are challenged by "some rich kids out of (orange country) for five thousand dollars, they think it's easy money. Although it is never actually said, it is assumed that they deal drugs for Emerald (a local drug lord) to cover their half, never dreaming they would lose the battle.When Sonny (Young Rome) sells them out by going to the other side ("Wade's crew"), he teaches his new companions moves from the David and Elgin crew, and in the battle they are badly defeated. Wade, crowing over his success, delivers the titular line, "You're just mad... 'cause tonight you suckas got served!"Meanwhile, David and Liyah (Jennifer Freeman), Elgin's sister, are falling in love. At a restaurant, Liyah turns off David's cell phone immediately before Elgin attempts to call him to say that Emerald has given them a job earlier than expected. David fails to show up for the job, and Elgin is subsequently beaten and robbed.Consequently, Elgin gets very angry at David for attempting to "hook up with my sister when you should have been taking care of business," and is also annoyed at his sister for "acting like a ho". Elgin is also worried, since he owes Emerald money to cover for the loss of his goods.Both split up and form their own crew, but neither is as good as on their own as they are combined. They learn about the "Big Bounce," a $50,000 dance competition purportedly sponsored by MTV which will provide the winning crew the opportunity to perform in a Lil' Kim video. Elgin sees this as a good way to pay back Emerald.Attempts to bring Elgin and David together, particularly by Liyah, are fruitless, and twice they nearly come to blows and have to be separated. One of the younger members of the crew Lil Saint (Malcolm David Kelley) dies (from being shot) prior to the competition; while all are saddened it is not enough to bring the warring enemies back together yet.At the "Big Bounce" competition, Elgin's crew beats David's crew in semifinals, and then ties the finals against Wade's crew. Lil' Kim, guest referee, on advice from Mr. Rad, declares a playoff competition, "straight hood," with no rules, even allowing other people to join the battling crews.This proves the catalyst for Elgin's feud with David to end (though only after prodding by crew members and threats of forfeiting the competition to Wade), and together they defeat Wade's crew in a mesmerizing final battle using advanced powermoves of professional breakdancers like air flares, flares, split mills, and runners. They shout the "You Got Served" line in retaliation to Wade after he claims the battle settled nothing.The partisan crowd, elated, begins chanting "Served! Served! Served! Served!" getting louder and faster. Elgin accepts David's relationship with Liyah at picture's end.

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