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| ponedjeljak, 22. ožujka 2010.

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It’s the early 20th century, and this small western mining town is invaded by giant insectoid alien creatures whose only mission is to mine uranium to fuel their spaceship – but they’ll kill anyone or anything that gets in their way. Who can save them? Only a ” retired outlaw” who was about to be hanged, so he’s got nothing left to lose.It’s one of the best SyFy Originals in a long time. The CGI is very good despite its budget, and the aliens came out surprisingly well here.
Granted, everyone seems to be using modern guns in this Old West movie and the writer obviously binged on a “Deadwood” marathon before writing the part of the gun-slinging female bounty hunter, but I still give “High Plains Invaders” a stamp of approval. It’s fun, Marsters is charismatic and they brought a lot of creativity to a film produced on a shoe-string budget.

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